1)Birla Open Minds International School is an IB World School authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). 2)The recent achievements of our students in Sports: (i) SREOSHEE MAJUMDER of Grade 9 participated in 400m Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place. (ii) E. Shruthi of Grade 9 participated in 100 m & 200m in Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place in both Events.3)BOMIS, Kollur featured in Education World Rankings (2022-23) Ranked 5th in Co-Ed Day Schools League Table Hyderabad & Telangana, Ranked 25th in India's Best Co-Ed Day Schools League Table, Ranked 7th in Leadership Management Quality, Ranked 10th In Parent Involvement, Ranked 10th Career Counselling Leadership. 4) Congratulations to 10th Grade School Toppers 1st Topper | Janani Narayanan | 98.5%, 2nd Topper | Sudhanva Pundoor | 97.3%, 3rd Topper | Sia Agarwal | 96.0%.   5)CAIE March 2023 toppers 1st Topper | Sidharth Nimmagadda | 7 A*s out 8 subjectsSubject topper for 6 Subjects, 2nd Topper | Aagam Samir Mehta | 4A*s out of 7 SubjectsSubject topper for 5 Subjects, 3rd Topper | Sai Sreemayi Davuluri | 4A*s out of 8 SubjectsSubject topper for 2 Subjects. 6) Congratulations to 12th Grade School Toppers Purna Sunanda, P. Sree Dhruthi Reddy, Harika Chunduri   7) We have successfully achieved the International Dimension in Schools Certificate for the period 2020-23   8) Indian Green Building Council Platinum Rating in Green Schools Rating System  


Art forms encompasses Visual, Literary and the Performing arts. Art, in its broadest meaning is the expression of creativity and imagination. Our school believes in the vital role played by preservation and promotion of different art forms.

Visual Arts

Integration of Visual Arts along with Scholastics subjects is very important. It helps students to bring out their creativity as well as develop their personality. Students learn important skills like observation, self-expression, focus, discipline, perseverance, self confidence and collaboration through art education.

Students who are visual learners, learn faster through the practice of art and craft. They develop aesthetic sense, understand and appreciate good art work. The school has age appropriate activities which are integrated with the curriculum to broaden the students’ thought process and creativity.

We believe in holistic development, freedom of expression and creativity in the field of the students choice. For the primary years, exposure to the different forms of performing arts like dance, theatre and music where they learn the basics is very important. When they come to the middle and higher grades they are given a choice to explore the skills further, in the area of their choice.

Each art form helps the child to open up and gain stage confidence, to be able to speak out without any inhibitions and also participate in cultural activities boldly. This also promotes the Multiple Intelligence and opens up doors to their future prospects and probabilities.

Performing Arts


Dance is an expression of joy through body movement and rhythm. Through dance students learn team work, focus and improvisational skills. Dance is a wonderful physical activity and provides rigour for healthy life style. Students are exposed to various dance forms and regularly participate in competitions.


To enable our students to be good orators and confident speakers, we offer theater as regular co-scholastic activity. This enhances the freedom of expression and stage confidence. Our in-house theater experts train our students in voice modulation, voice throwing, facial expressions and body language.


It is a research fact that Music helps plants grow better, calms and soothens the human mind. Plato once said that music is a more potent instrument than any other form of education. It offers the growth of the child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our students are trained in western vocals and Indian music. The school choir functions as the base group for all school events.


The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Sports increase self-confidence, team spirit and mental alertness. This makes school sports and games necessary for every age group.

At primary, the school offers Specialized Sports Programme SPEED to help develop sports skills and create health awareness. Exposure to team and individual sports encourage a sense of team spirit, and individual effort and accomplishment. It includes free play and organized sports activities. The students physical progress is documented and reported.

For the Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary, the school is associated with a professional sports provider – Trugame, a grassroot level sports development organization for professional, regular sports training and after school sports programme. This programme, gives the students an opportunity to learn, build the skills and awareness of their favorite game.

The school has the facility and offers the following games:

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo.

Along with professional guidance on sports, Trugame also includes nutritious diet guidance, access to tournaments and leagues, international academies and coaches, strength and conditioning programmes and sport travel programmes. The progress of the student is monitored, recorded and reported

After School Sports Programme

The school provides a 90-minute session, 5 days a week after school sports programme for a period of 5 months which includes healthy snack. The student can choose one game to be professionally trained in and enables young athletes to set the foundations in their respective sports along with improving fitness levels.

The school is associated with Kerala Blasters, a National Football League Championship. The school has hosted football matches for the same.

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Birla Open Minds understands the importance of honing the skills of the students in the areas of their interest and passion. Therefore students from Grades 5 to 12 are given an opportunity to participate and be a member of one of the clubs offered in the school. Clubs are integrated in the regular timetable.

The clubs offered are as following:

  • Master Chefs – Cuisine
  • The World of Words – Literary
  • Artisans – Arts, Crafts, Sewing and Stitching
  • Cyberites – Computer Science
  • Inheritors – Citizenship
  • Theatre- Drama
  • Melody – Music
  • Eco-warriors – Ecology
  • Rotary Club – Social

The culmination of club activities at the end of the academic year is a celebration where all stake-holders of the school come together.

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Field Trips
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Field Trips
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Field Trips
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Field Trips
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Field Trips
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Field Trips

K1 and K2 Nehru Zoological park

As part of the Fun Forest theme culmination, a field trip was organised for our Preprimary children to Nehru Zoological Park Zoo. Our young learners experienced real forest animals, had fun filled train ride, visited aquarium and enjoyed nature walk. They were able to relate to the theme and made real life connections.

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Birla Science Museum

"Field trips provide authentic, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities where students connect to what they are learning in the classroom, in a real-world context" _ Stephnie Smith Budhai Absolutely!! As part of field trips, our CAIE grades 5-7 visited Birla Museum, and grades 8-10 visited the NIPHM(National institute of plant health management). It's amazing to see the excitement and engagement when they are on the field!

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G1 and G2 Nehru Zoological park

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal”

Zoo visits enable children to learn about animals effectively, foster cognitive development and promote empathy and compassion. Our young explorers of Grade 1 and 2 visited this beautiful world of animals at Nehru Zoological Park and learnt a lot about various animals, their behaviour, habitat and food habits. Observing and discussing animals created an interest in conservation and the realization that animals too have feelings and emotions.

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Ramoji Film City Field Trip

School days are the most cherished part of one’s life and to make it a memorable one, students of Grade 10 & 12 took a day out and made wonderful memoirs at Ramoji Film City as a part of Fun Trip organized on 26th November 2022. The gleaming faces, the chuckle of laughter, the adventure taken made perfect life-long reminiscences for them to remember, that are vivid and heart- warming.

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Kandlakoya oxygen park

Field trips provide authentic, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities where students connect to what they are learning in the classroom, in a real-world context _ Stephnie Smith Budha Absolutely!! As part of field trips, our CAIE grades 5-6 visited Kandlakoya oxygen park. Students experienced the nature walk alongside the games and activities based on the life cycle of seeds. They thoroughly enjoyed the activities seed-pod race, seedy twist and seed-pod music.

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Gandipet Landscape Park

“Roots of understanding grow deep when curious minds are nourished in nature “ As part of our theme “Famous Flowers “the Kindergarten kids visited "Gandipet Landscape Park" .The park was surrounded by widespread trees, flowering plants and creepers were a feast for the eyes. The students walked around the enclosures and were fascinated by various flowers, also caught glimpses of birds and a small lake. They played group games in the well-leveled green area.

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Masqati Dairy Farm

Every moment is a fresh beginning! Passionate learning is just an extension of a child's everyday world. Our learners have a million questions as they wonder, discover, and explore. Learning is not something that happens within the four walls of a school, our curious learners of Birla Open Minds International School explored the Masqati Dairy Farm as an educational trip as every corner is a new curiosity.

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The fieldtrip to Golconda Fort was truly an enriching and learning experience. The architectural marvel of this fort such as the well-planned water system, ventilation systems and underground passages have captivated the attention of our young learners. It also helped students' bond efficiently as they discussed and shared their reflections with each other.

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“Nothing beats an exciting hands-on experience to deepen learning. The magic of field trips isn’t just the subject. It’s the break in routine and adventure that opens up children’s minds to new things”.

Our enthusiastic and excited children of Grade 1&2 visited “Shilparamam-My Village “as part of their educational field trip. The children experienced village culture and heritage. They observed different stalls that displayed the art and crafts of India, huts that showcased rural and tribal lifestyle, sculptures, and pottery.

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As part of experiential learning, Birla Open Minds International School, Hyderabad has organized Field Trip to IKEA, Hyderabad for the students who successfully completed their Summer Internship Program-2022. 24 students from grades 9 th to 12 th (CBSE and CAIE) have participated in the field trip. The induction was conducted by various departments of IKEA, like Safety and Security, HR, Interior Designing, Graphic Designing, Visual Merchandise and Marketing Department. Students learnt about backend operations of IKEA and how they manage the largest retail outlet in India. It was an amazing learning outcome for the students as they had wonderful interaction sessions with the extremely professional and experts of the field. They also had an opportunity to meet and interact with the Leadership Team of IKEA from Sweden, Canada and Belgium. Students explained them about our summer internship program and the IKEA team was really impressed with our students’ learning outcomes and they applauded our school for providing these kinds of opportunities to our students. Post induction students were taken to the store tour and were briefed with each department and their operations in live. Students had great fun and a wonderful learning experience with this field trip.

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Spark Speak

It is very important to bring in resource speakers who are experts and experienced professionals in various fields. This is to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge to real life experiences. The school invites speakers on a regular basis, vastly using the parent resource. A question hour is a must to satisfy the students curiosity.

Inter House Competitions

To foster healthy competition among the students and encourage them to be an active member of the respective houses, different Inter House Competitions are conducted on a regular basis. This boosts the holistic development of the students.

The students demonstrate great team spirit by putting in their best efforts for contributing to the House score.

School Houses

All the students of the school belong to one of the four houses .These are led by the student representative , House Captain and a Vice Captain . Various activities are conducted within the house as well as Inter house to give the students the sense of belonging towards their house .

House Scores

Name of the House Scores
Legacy 3139
Ambition 3377
Spirit 3334
Discovery 3307
1 / 3
Devnar School of Blind
2 / 3
Devnar School of Blind
3 / 3
Kerala Flood Support

Community Outreach

Birla Open Minds International School has been very idealistic by nature, as our vision and mission is to empower our student and teacher community to work towards making a world a better place to live in. Our motto is to inspire students to focus on the greater good, make our community such where responsible citizens take care of themselves, others and then the environment. We inculcate the feeling of togetherness and service from the young age for the students to understand the value of giving and sharing.

In the past few years, the school has taken up many projects under community services. To name a few :

  • Timely help provided during floods in Kerala, Andhra and Telangana .
  • Projects like Fistful of grains, Soles for Souls are ongoing where the students have been encouraged to contribute generously to help the needy.
  • Distributing umbrellas to the housing community guards.
  • Club culmination funds used for buying Braille paper for Devnar School of Blind.
  • Teaching good communication skills to the school support staff .
  • Students visit to Old age home and Orphanage

Student Committee

The Student Leadership Body is elected every year by the students through an elaborate electoral system. The senior students who nominate themselves for the various posts in the STUCO have to go through a rigorous selection process before campaigning with full conviction to strengthen their candidature .There is an Election Day when all the students and staff follow the regular ballot election procedure to elect their student committee.

The STUCO once formed are responsible for the upkeep of the students , the school and are totally involved in all school activities

as Inter house to give the students the sense of belonging towards their house .

Student Leaders for 2020-21

Position Student Name Grade
Head Boy Pradyumn Soni 12
Head Girl Ayushi Gautam 12
Sports Captain Lakshya Bindal 11
Sports Vice Captain Vatti Sagar Sujay Reddy 12

House Legacy Ambition Spirit Discovery
Captain Tanvi Rao Ponugoti Harshil Goel Ameya Shukla Tanuja Attaluri