Upcoming Events: Investiture Ceremony on 19th July 2024 | Annual Alumni Meet on 20th July 2024 | Rhetoric Rhapsody (Chapter 6) - the Inter School Literary Carnival on 24th July 2024 | 1)Hosting IC3 Forum on 29th June 2024 . 2)CBSE Grade 12 School Toppers -1st Topper | Samaira Chadha - 94%, 2nd Topper | Lingampally Varshitha Reddy - 91%, 3rd Topper | Vandita Unnikrishnan - 89.4 || CBSE Grade 10 School Toppers- 1st Topper | Munipalli Gayatri Anirudh - 97.8%, 2nd Topper | Shreeya Patnaik - 97.6%, 3rd Topper | Nishita Kunaprabhav Gautam - 97.2% || Winners of Latest Events :- 3) Winners of Zonal Sports Meet 2023-24 : (i) Basketball (Girls & Boys)- Gold Medal (ii) Kabbadi (Girls) – Bronze Medal (iii) Khushii Bhatia (U14 Girls)- Gold in 200 m & Bronze in 100 m (iv) Ryka Lahoti (U14 Girls)- Gold in 100 m & Silver in 200 m (v) Vrithika Sudra (U14 Girls)- Bronze in 400 m (vi) Sri Vaishnavi (U17 Girls)- Silver in 100 m & 200 m (vii) Thanvika Reddy (U17 Girls)- Silver in 200 m (viii) Arnaz Nivelli (U17 Girls)- Bronze in 100 m & 200 m (ix) Yashika Reddy (U17 Girls)- Bronze in 200 m (x) Omkar Reddy (U17 Boys)- Bronze in 200 m 4) Winners of Hyderabad District Junior Athletic Meet: (i) Khushii Bhatia (U14 Girls)- Gold in Triathlon (ii) Ryka Lahoti (U14 Girls)- Silver in Triathlon (iii) Abhinav (U14 Boys)- Bronze in Triathlon (iv) Saatvik Thallam (U16 Boys)- Silver in Pentathlon 5) Winners of Glendale International School Sports Fest: (i) Kabbadi (Girls) – Gold Medal (ii) Relay (U-14 Girls) – Gold Medal (iii) Relay (U-12 Boys) – Bronze Medal (iv) Ryka Lahoti- Best Athlete in u-14 Girls’ Category, Gold in 100 m & Long Jump (v) Khushii Bhatia (U14 Girls)- Gold in 200 m (vi) Srikari Palle- Silver in 400 m (vii) Vrithika Sudra- Silver in 400 m (viii) Akshara Bahuguna- Bronze in 100 m (ix) Raghav Nirola – Bronze in 100 m || Birla Open Minds International School, Kollur clinched gold in the boys category and Bronze in the girls category BHEL Cluster Basketball Meet 2023-24 1)Akshara Bahuguna, Grade 7 C participated in 5th Telangana State Sub Junior Inter District Basketball secured Gold Medal. Aryan Singh & Nevan Kashyap secured Silver Medal 2)Saanvi, Grade 3C participated in the Telangana Inter District Swimming Competition in 2 events and secured a Gold and a Bronze 3)Bhaumik Yadav, Grade 8 B won a Bronze Medal at the National Grappling Contest in the Sub- Junior category 5)Tanay Kartik Verma, Grade 3 F bagged Gold in 200 m, Silver in 500 m and Bronze in 1000 m at the State Level Competition conducted by Roller Skating Federation of India (III) 1) Birla Open Minds International School is an IB World School authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). 2) The recent achievements of our students in Sports: (i) Sreoshee Majumder of Grade 9 participated in 400m Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place. (ii) E. Shruthi of Grade 9 participated in 100m & 200m in Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place in both Events. 3) Bomis, Kollur featured in Education World Rankings (2022-23) Ranked 5th in Co-Ed Day Schools League Table Hyderabad & Telangana, Ranked 25th in India's Best Co-Ed Day Schools League Table, Ranked 7th in Leadership Management Quality, Ranked 10th In Parent Involvement, Ranked 10th Career Counselling Leadership. 6) Caie March 2023 toppers 1st Topper | Sidharth Nimmagadda | 7 A*s out 8 subjects Subject topper for 6 Subjects, 2nd Topper | Aagam Samir Mehta | 4A*s out of 7 Subjects Subject topper for 5 Subjects, 3rd Topper | Sai Sreemayi Davuluri | 4A*s out of 8 Subjects Subject topper for 2 Subjects. 7) We have successfully achieved the International Dimension in Schools Certificate for the period 2020-23   8) Indian Green Building Council Platinum Rating in Green Schools Rating System  

Benchmark of Birla Open Minds International School Kollur Hyderabad


Birla Open Minds International School is one of the  Best International Schools in Hyderabad, India. The school is affiliated to the  Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Cambridge IGCSE and IB offering IBCP (International Baccalaureate Career Programme). The School is known for its focus in providing a holistic and futuristic education that nurtures every child's physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being and prepares children to become Global Citizens. Birla Open Minds International School has a reputation for Academic Excellence and is recognized for its comprehensive and inclusive curriculum, high-quality education, and promotion of experiential learning . The curriculum design fosters 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

The sprawling school campus is spread over an area of 10 acres providing a serene, positive and conducive learning environment. The school believes in and has worked towards contributing to saving the environment and has been rated as a Platinum Green School by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

The School has State-of-the-Art infrastructure facilities that include Modern Classrooms, Digital Library, Auditorium, Amphitheatre, Children’s Play Areas, ICT, Science & Math Labs, Sports Complex for indoor games, Swimming Pool, Playground with Outdoor Gym ,Basketball, Badminton and Tennis Courts , Cricket Nets and Running Tracks and Dining Halls with Kitchen.
The faculty, here, is highly qualified and experienced, and they work closely with students to provide individualized attention.
The school also has a strong focus on  co-scholastic activities and promotes Aesthetic Literacy by providing students with opportunities to explore the visual and performing arts, including music, drama, fine arts, and dance. Multidisciplinary and cross curricular pedagogical approaches through Art Integration is the characteristic feature of all classrooms across Boards utilizing various aspects and forms of art and culture as the basis for learning of concepts to create joyful classrooms.

Self-Directed Learning is encouraged in the school to promote Research Skills. The teaching process generates curiosity, gives freedom and independence to the students to move towards self-directed and research-based learning. Self-reflective and project-based learning give the student a great platform to enhance a complete conceptual understanding for formalised learning.

The school aims to ensure all-round development of students with a strong emphasis on academics, co-curricular activities, and character building.

‘Flip Learning’ strategy benefits students by encouraging them to take an active role in their own education and thus, enabling a highly personalized instruction. This approach allows students to watch video lectures and complete other course materials at their own pace and schedule, before coming to the class. As a result, students come to the class well prepared to ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage in hands-on activities, which can lead to a deeper understanding of the concepts/topics. Moreover, students also have direct access to the teacher for any clarifications and feedback.

Personalized Career Counselling is the hallmark of Birla Open Minds International School and our school is ranked among the best five schools in Hyderabad and in Telangana for our efforts towards Career Counselling which is provided to every student who wish to pursue higher education, either in India or abroad.

The school offers Internship programmes in different fields such as corporate and private sectors to help students make informed career choices. The students get to be part of the WHUB and THUB Program through Internship Programmes .

The School promotes Skill Education through various initiatives. Financial and Digital Literacy, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Mass Media and Tourism are some of the courses that are offered to the students as a part of Skill Education. The Community Outreach Programmes are also an important part of the curriculum, instilling values like empathy and compassion in children and also providing the children with opportunities to make a positive impact in the local community as well as inculcate Life Skills in them.

The commitment of the school to script the success of each student is the benchmark that enables Birla Open Minds International School stand out as one of the  Top International Schools in Hyderabad.

We invite you to enrol your child with us and join us in this transformative journey of education where we prepare young minds to thrive in this rapidly changing world while cherishing our rich cultural heritage. Together, we can build a foundation for success and lifelong learning.


Best International School In Hyderabad - Birla Open Minds

The School, firmly reiterate and restore what Tagore called the hallmark of childhood-joy of Learning and the Creative Spirit. Birla Open Minds believes in the uniqueness of each child thereby fostering holistic development through integrated learning opportunities. Our philosophy is based on the constructive approach where the learners are actively involved in their learning in a self-governing environment. Learning experiences are interactive, student-centred and progress from known to unknown, concrete to abstract and local to global. The Facilitators are motivated and rise to challenge, creating an environment of accelerated learning.

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Academics are celebrated as a culmination of all the learning that happens through the theme based approach. These celebrations.

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Children are the future. They have the power to make this world a better place. Let us raise children who are sensitive to the environment.

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Our Facilities

Our School is designed to ensure an engaging, appealing and child-friendly setting for our students. Firstly, our infrastructure is in sync with the different learning modalities and school curriculum. Secondly, the state of the art classrooms, modern science and IT labs, world class libraries, lush outdoors, range of sports & creative arts facilities, the overall eco friendly & green design of the school reflect the ethos of the school.

Nurturing Leaders

ms.syamali chowdhury


Ms. Beena Govind

Vice Principal (CBSE)

mr. arup kumar sinha

chief operating officer

ms.aruna muddana

head CIE and IBCP coordinator grades

ms. huma syed

headmistress (CBSE)
grade 9 - 12

ms. kausar ladiwala

headmistress (CBSE)
k1 to grade 8

Ms. Pallavi Singh

academic coordinator (CBSE) k1 to grade 2

Ms.Shamsunnisa Begum

head CIE – primarygrades
1 - 5

ms. ami iyer

academic coordinator (CBSE) grade 3 - 5

ms. aparna kasam

academic coordinator (CBSE) grade 6 - 8

ms. fauzia shamim siddiqui

career guidance and college placement counsellor

dr. e.b srikanth

sports coordinator

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