Upcoming Event :- (I) Annual Concert on 7th December 2023 at Shilpakala Vedika Auditorium, Hitech City. (II) 7th Children’s Art Fest from 21st to 23rd December 2023 at the School Campus in association with the Children’s Fine Art Gallery || Birla Open Minds International School, Kollur clinched gold in the boys category and Bronze in the girls category BHEL Cluster Basketball Meet 2023-24 1)Akshara Bahuguna, Grade 7 C participated in 5th Telangana State Sub Junior Inter District Basketball secured Gold Medal. Aryan Singh & Nevan Kashyap secured Silver Medal 2)Saanvi, Grade 3C participated in the Telangana Inter District Swimming Competition in 2 events and secured a Gold and a Bronze 3)Bhaumik Yadav, Grade 8 B won a Bronze Medal at the National Grappling Contest in the Sub- Junior category 4)Tanay Kartik Verma, Grade 3 F bagged Gold in 200 m, Silver in 500 m and Bronze in 1000 m at the State Level Competition conducted by Roller Skating Federation of India (III) 1) Birla Open Minds International School is an IB World School authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). 2) The recent achievements of our students in Sports: (i) Sreoshee Majumder of Grade 9 participated in 400m Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place. (ii) E. Shruthi of Grade 9 participated in 100m & 200m in Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place in both Events. 3) Bomis, Kollur featured in Education World Rankings (2022-23) Ranked 5th in Co-Ed Day Schools League Table Hyderabad & Telangana, Ranked 25th in India's Best Co-Ed Day Schools League Table, Ranked 7th in Leadership Management Quality, Ranked 10th In Parent Involvement, Ranked 10th Career Counselling Leadership. 4) Congratulations to 10th Grade School Toppers 1st Topper | Janani Narayanan | 98.5%, 2nd Topper | Sudhanva Pundoor | 97.3%, 3rd Topper | Sia Agarwal | 96.0%.   5) Caie March 2023 toppers 1st Topper | Sidharth Nimmagadda | 7 A*s out 8 subjects Subject topper for 6 Subjects, 2nd Topper | Aagam Samir Mehta | 4A*s out of 7 Subjects Subject topper for 5 Subjects, 3rd Topper | Sai Sreemayi Davuluri | 4A*s out of 8 Subjects Subject topper for 2 Subjects. 6) Congratulations to 12th Grade School Toppers Purna Sunanda, P. Sree Dhruthi Reddy, Harika Chunduri   7) We have successfully achieved the International Dimension in Schools Certificate for the period 2020-23   8) Indian Green Building Council Platinum Rating in Green Schools Rating System  



The curious young learners enthusiastically participated in a research driven project on Endangered Animals and the Rescue Efforts. Collecting data about the endangered animals across the world, organizing awareness drive through Slogans and Posters was a wonderful sensitization initiative took up by our animal lovers.


We Indians love to celebrate all our festivals but taking care of our environment is our responsibility. Our young environment stewards took a pledge for eco-friendly celebration, inspiring people around them with their thoughts and actions – no bursting firecrackers, using eco-friendly items to decorate and brighten our houses, saving buckets of water during Holi and not to immerse idols flooding our rivers and oceans with chemicals and toxins.

We can still go big in our celebrations, as long as we are seeking for something even bigger – caring our Mother Earth.


Experiential learning is an integral part of reinforcing concepts. Here’s how the Junior Scientists through a simple experiment demonstrating her scientific temper showing transfer of heat into fluids through the process of convection. Let’s learn more about it…


Studying the Indian Heritage Sites gives all Indians a sense of pride for our rich cultural heritage. It is an integration of humanities, architecture, conservation, ecology, management, tourism, marketing, public relations, and beyond. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the identification, preservation, management, and presentation of cultural and natural heritage sites. The spell binding art integration done by a monologue presentation will captivate the heart of every historian.


At Birla Open Minds, the students explore the varied learning opportunities and express themselves through multiple ways; some of them express beautifully through actions and some with amazing strokes of their paint brush but one of the unique ways of expressing is through poetry. We have a budding

What our Happy Parents Say

What our Happy Parents Say