Upcoming Events: Investiture Ceremony on 19th July 2024 | Annual Alumni Meet on 20th July 2024 | Rhetoric Rhapsody (Chapter 6) - the Inter School Literary Carnival on 24th July 2024 | 1)Hosting IC3 Forum on 29th June 2024 . 2)CBSE Grade 12 School Toppers -1st Topper | Samaira Chadha - 94%, 2nd Topper | Lingampally Varshitha Reddy - 91%, 3rd Topper | Vandita Unnikrishnan - 89.4 || CBSE Grade 10 School Toppers- 1st Topper | Munipalli Gayatri Anirudh - 97.8%, 2nd Topper | Shreeya Patnaik - 97.6%, 3rd Topper | Nishita Kunaprabhav Gautam - 97.2% || Winners of Latest Events :- 3) Winners of Zonal Sports Meet 2023-24 : (i) Basketball (Girls & Boys)- Gold Medal (ii) Kabbadi (Girls) – Bronze Medal (iii) Khushii Bhatia (U14 Girls)- Gold in 200 m & Bronze in 100 m (iv) Ryka Lahoti (U14 Girls)- Gold in 100 m & Silver in 200 m (v) Vrithika Sudra (U14 Girls)- Bronze in 400 m (vi) Sri Vaishnavi (U17 Girls)- Silver in 100 m & 200 m (vii) Thanvika Reddy (U17 Girls)- Silver in 200 m (viii) Arnaz Nivelli (U17 Girls)- Bronze in 100 m & 200 m (ix) Yashika Reddy (U17 Girls)- Bronze in 200 m (x) Omkar Reddy (U17 Boys)- Bronze in 200 m 4) Winners of Hyderabad District Junior Athletic Meet: (i) Khushii Bhatia (U14 Girls)- Gold in Triathlon (ii) Ryka Lahoti (U14 Girls)- Silver in Triathlon (iii) Abhinav (U14 Boys)- Bronze in Triathlon (iv) Saatvik Thallam (U16 Boys)- Silver in Pentathlon 5) Winners of Glendale International School Sports Fest: (i) Kabbadi (Girls) – Gold Medal (ii) Relay (U-14 Girls) – Gold Medal (iii) Relay (U-12 Boys) – Bronze Medal (iv) Ryka Lahoti- Best Athlete in u-14 Girls’ Category, Gold in 100 m & Long Jump (v) Khushii Bhatia (U14 Girls)- Gold in 200 m (vi) Srikari Palle- Silver in 400 m (vii) Vrithika Sudra- Silver in 400 m (viii) Akshara Bahuguna- Bronze in 100 m (ix) Raghav Nirola – Bronze in 100 m || Birla Open Minds International School, Kollur clinched gold in the boys category and Bronze in the girls category BHEL Cluster Basketball Meet 2023-24 1)Akshara Bahuguna, Grade 7 C participated in 5th Telangana State Sub Junior Inter District Basketball secured Gold Medal. Aryan Singh & Nevan Kashyap secured Silver Medal 2)Saanvi, Grade 3C participated in the Telangana Inter District Swimming Competition in 2 events and secured a Gold and a Bronze 3)Bhaumik Yadav, Grade 8 B won a Bronze Medal at the National Grappling Contest in the Sub- Junior category 5)Tanay Kartik Verma, Grade 3 F bagged Gold in 200 m, Silver in 500 m and Bronze in 1000 m at the State Level Competition conducted by Roller Skating Federation of India (III) 1) Birla Open Minds International School is an IB World School authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). 2) The recent achievements of our students in Sports: (i) Sreoshee Majumder of Grade 9 participated in 400m Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place. (ii) E. Shruthi of Grade 9 participated in 100m & 200m in Athletics in Sports For All Event has secured the 1st Place in both Events. 3) Bomis, Kollur featured in Education World Rankings (2022-23) Ranked 5th in Co-Ed Day Schools League Table Hyderabad & Telangana, Ranked 25th in India's Best Co-Ed Day Schools League Table, Ranked 7th in Leadership Management Quality, Ranked 10th In Parent Involvement, Ranked 10th Career Counselling Leadership. 6) Caie March 2023 toppers 1st Topper | Sidharth Nimmagadda | 7 A*s out 8 subjects Subject topper for 6 Subjects, 2nd Topper | Aagam Samir Mehta | 4A*s out of 7 Subjects Subject topper for 5 Subjects, 3rd Topper | Sai Sreemayi Davuluri | 4A*s out of 8 Subjects Subject topper for 2 Subjects. 7) We have successfully achieved the International Dimension in Schools Certificate for the period 2020-23   8) Indian Green Building Council Platinum Rating in Green Schools Rating System  

Celebrating Academics

Celebrating Academics

  • Literary Fest
  • The school provides ample opportunities to students to hone and enhance their communication skills through a bouquet of literary activities, which are innovative, path breaking and futuristic.

    The Literary Fest is one such platform that promotes multilingual competence and encourages students’ understanding and love for literature and languages. Our passionate language learners present different literary activities demonstrating their creativity, confidence, and literary skills.

  • Math-A-Ron
  • Experiential Learning plays an irrefutable role in conceptual learning and understanding. The School believes that participation in hands-on activities and gamification of concepts are important motivators for learning.

    Math-A-Ron, a unique amalgamation of Fun and Mathematics, is an opportunity provided to the students to apply numerical aptitude in interesting activities and to express conceptual understanding on diverse mathematical concepts. They get a chance to present a varied range of topics in the form of tricks and riddles with their peers to showcase their critical, logical & analytical thinking.

  • Alpha to Omega
  • Science Fair is an opportunity for the students to apply the scientific method to conduct independent research; to boost their scientific temper and to help them realize the interdependence of science, technology, and society.  

    Alpha to Omega’ provides a platform to the students to learn from each other’s experiences and get motivated to design and develop something new and innovative. The preparation of the exhibits, including the improvisations of the models and offering solutions to potential problems, provides an exhilarating experience to the students. This enhances the spirit of the creative thinkers in their voyage of self-discovery and self-learning.

  • Student Led Conference
  • Encouraging students to take ownership and accountability of their educational journey is vital to student leadership and development process. It is an endeavour of the School to empower our students to own their educational process and share their learning experiences with the parents.

    In the Student Led Conference , learners are engaged in the learning process by presenting the concepts in creative and innovative styles, creating opportunities for self-reflection and peer learning. These activities provide challenges, foster their confidence and nurture their self-esteem.

  • Theme Culmination
  • Education is a collaborative effort between school and home. Empowering young learners to present their learnings to their elders is one of the best ways to create confident future ready adults.

    Theme Culmination provides our young learners an opportunity to take their parents through their learning journey. At the end of every theme, students revisit the takeaways from the topics learnt and demonstrate their knowledge and skills acquired in different areas of learning including theme based topics, Literacy and Numeracy concepts.

  • Project Based Learning & Assessment
  • Our school believes that student engagement is very crucial for an effective learning experience. Hence, we design our learning programmes keeping in mind a high level of engagement through collaborative and experiential learning that will make the students construct knowledge meaningfully in an appropriate social context. Project Based Learning & Assessment is a great way of engaging students in challenging research based projects to enhance their creativity, reasoning and critical thinking.

    During the Project Based Learning & Assessment, our young minds explore different Projects and learn to make judgments, interpretations, and reinforce their own learning, analyse information through meaningful and creative ways. Their ‘non-cognitive skills’ like attitude, work habits, self-regulation, social skills, motivation, interest, curiosity, responsibility, determination, perseverance, etc. are honed in the process and this results in ‘cognitive’ learning and self-reflection.