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Learning is not just being aware of the concepts, but understanding the practical application and the relevance. At Open Minds, we have introduced three application programs which help to build the academic foundation of the students. We offer these programs in English, Math and Science :

Language Application Program (LAP)

English is the key to communicate with the entire world. However, knowing the rules of this universal language is not enough, making use of them is the real challenge. The Language Application Program encourages students to use the English language to express their ideas and thoughts to create art. A motivation for the students to weave magic into their words by venturing into writing poetry, stories, novels and more.

Math Application Program (MAP)

Math, a word that can easily becomes a students worst nightmare or the easiest subject in their syllabus. Math Application Program is designed to make the latter possible. It helps the students by reinforcing the basic concepts centered around the subjects and the key hacks that make it easier. The aim is to make math fun instead of a challenge, so that children are spared of the anxiety and are confident instead of scared whilst solving mathematical problems.

Science Application Program (SAP)

Science is the subject responsible for developing and changing the world. It is imperative that the future of tomorrow know the importance and understand this interesting and vast subject. Our Science Application Program helps our students to develop a holistic understanding of their environment and of the self. They also develop a multidisciplinary perspective to understanding environmental issues/problems and appreciate the impacts of our daily activities on its integrity.

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