Prototype C - The Programme

Prototype C prepares and guides students from Grade 8 onwards towards their journey of their future career . In Grade 8 students go through systematic assessments to understand their subject inclination and potential. From Grades 9th to 12th Prototype C handholds the students and gives them the real life exposure to different career options .
There is a constant monitoring on their performance and close interaction with the parents so that there is a clear understanding of their interest and capabilities to guide them through the right pathways ahead. It's multi-step approach involves Workshops, Assessment, Counseling ,Internship and Career Drafting.

Prototype C


Our senior students are encouraged to work in a real time environment for a few weeks, for them to understand how an industry works. They are guided by professionals under the observation of the teachers, to get a firsthand experience of working in different organizations.
The work exposure gives them a perspective of what to expect when they step out to work. It also gives them the confidence and an understanding of the application of all the learning that happens in the school.
Our students did extremely well in the previous internship programme,special mention Anshika Agarwal, Ashish Sodadasi, Aryan Kadari, Keerthi Challagalla, Ashwin Goel, Nitya Reddy and Kundana Gullapalli who had done internship with the company Value M(Value Momentum) and Microsoft. Ms.Anshika Agarwal's work was highly appreciated and was offered further training by Value M. Life of Girl Magazine published her article too.

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Prototype-C Student Orientation
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Prototype-C Student Orientation
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Internship at Value Momentum
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Internship at Value Momentum
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Internship at Value Momentum

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