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Mr. Annamalai

There are three reasons why we love Open Minds. Firstly, the infrastructure is awesome, secondly the staff always has a smile on their face and it makes my kids feel at ease and lastly the curriculum is child-centric.
- Mr Annamalai - (Parent of Ramanathan -Grade 10 & Sreenithi - Grade 4)

Mr & Mrs Nagarajan

Open Minds is a great school, the key differentiation that sets the school apart from other schools is — compassion, infrastructure and transparency. It’s really amazing to see my child, face the crowd with a lot of confidence.
- Mr & Mrs Nagarajan - (Parents of Vruthaya - Grade 5B)

Ms Bhuvaneswari

Open Minds has been a very enriching experience for both my daughters. My elder daughter has been in the school since its inception and there has never been a day when she does not want to go to school. This itself proves how right we are in choosing Open Minds.
- Ms Bhuvaneswari - (Parent of Janani - Grade 5B & Harini - Grade 1A)

Mr & Mrs Naqvi

The best thing is that everyone from the Principal to the Class teachers are very approachable. We can share our feedback and they immediately work on it. The School has an amazing campus with wonderful facilities. Overall we are very impressed.
- Mr & Mrs Naqvi - (Parents of Armaan - Grade 2D)

Mr & Mrs Raju

The good thing about Open Minds is the overall development of the child where the focus is not just in the academics, but also to improve their skills. I have seen an overall development in my kids.
- Mr & Mrs Raju - (Parents of Gayatri - Grade 10 & Koushik - Grade 5B)

Mr & Mrs Tutakne

Open Minds is a wonderful school, providing a safe and nurturing environment for its students to strive for excellence not just academically but in all aspects of life. Our son is very proud of his school and loves his teachers. The teachers at Open Minds are dedicated and determined to assist and encourage their students to develop a deep love for learning and knowledge, be in the classroom or out on the playing field. We are very happy to be a part of the Open Minds Community.
- Mr & Mrs Tutakne - (Mother of Parth Sadanand Tutakne Grade-3C)

My child has been with Open Minds and Globetoters only and we are very pleased with the growth and progress year to year. Conceptually very strong in Maths and Science and the growth in languages and skills is very linear and satisfying.
The sports facilities and extracurricular integration leading to an all-round development is the best feature. The food is healthy and delicious. The syllabus is well-rounded and creative. Thematic learning in the primary years has led to a good foundation for learning in the middle years for my kid and the grasping of concepts is much higher than the rotely learned children elsewhere, so I am pretty happy.
The intense involvement of the school with the parents through SPIC and other such forums, The kids are more confident and can intensely discuss and out debate any kid from any school in town. I have experienced it many times over the past few years. Skilled and confident students are the pride of the school.
Infrastructure of the school very very good On a scale of 1-10. we are at 8. 100% I will recommend open minds. Very few schools that are better than OM exist in Hyderabad. My kid goes to school happy and comes back happier and what more does a parent need?
- Mathew (Father of SHAYNN ASHER MATHEW Grade -5B)

Open Minds has been a very enriching experience for both my daughters. My elder daughter has been in the school since its inception and there has never been a day when she does not want to go to school. This in itself proves how right we were in choosing Open Minds.
The Teacher-Student connect at OM is exceptional. Every teacher knows each child's strengths and weaknesses very well and they work thoroughly towards helping the child. The initiatives they take to encourage children are innovative and purposeful with a number of activities planned throughout the academic year with parental involvement. I would have never imagined my docile daughter speaking without any fear on stage. OM has given ample opportunities to help her become a good narrator and speaker on stage. They drive it in the child that nothing is impossible. Public Speaking being a very challenging platform is well inculcated in children from early years.
The stress free Primary Years are a blessing when compared to other schools. The children enjoy learning rather than being stressed out with hw and exams.
The infrastructure is so welcoming that it gives you a sense of freedom due to the well planned open spaces. The football field is a treat which you cannot find anywhere else. Overall the school experience is awesome and my children come home happy, which is what every parent wishes to see.
I would strongly and happily recommend Open Minds to parents who want a holistic, happy and stress free learning environment for their children.
- Bhuvaneshwari (Mother of JANANI NARAYANAN Grade-5-B)

My child, Aditi Nalla Reddy, has been with Open Minds since grade 1. She is 8 now and has a unique personality which encompasses intelligence, wit, compassion and most importantly values towards family, the environment and country. I'm really proud of the little person she is and will grow up to be. Open Minds' systemic approach towards an open and continuously evolving curriculum and teaching agenda has to be applauded. I see an effort being put to consider and implement constructive feedback all the time. Everyday is an eventful day at Open Minds.
- Mamta Nalla Reddy (Mother of Aditi – Grade 3)

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