Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Help Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions are an age old tradition that people partake in every year. They’re fun and help set future goals too. With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, resolutions are the talk of the town. They aren’t just meant for adults; kids can take part in the resolution making too, as it helps develop critical parts of their personality including self-esteem and confidence.

We, at Birla International School know that as parents, your child’s future is the foremost thing in your life and making sure that they have the right kind of development is necessary for you. Help your child pick a resolution that is smart, achievable and fun!

According to Dr. Kristen Eastman, PsyD, a paediatric clinical psychologist at Cleveland Children's Hospital, "Parents can start by explaining what a resolution is and give examples of ones they have set in past years. Asking your children for ideas and helping them evaluate the options together is really important." Reassuring that your child knows that he’s not into trouble and that a resolution is not a punishment is must. This can be done by clearly explaining the concept to them and making the entire process fun, kind of like a game. It is said that children between the ages of 7 and 13 are ideal for resolution making. "They're old enough to think about what a New Year's resolution is and to make their own -- yet parents can still help guide them.” Says Christine Carter, Ph.D.

Some smart suggestions are:

1. The “I shall study more” resolution

This might seem like the perfect resolution for a child, but getting them to follow it is a little hard. Rather than making them take a resolution like “I shall study more,” try “I shall spend an extra hour on my Maths or English.” Make them take part in quizzes and other such activities that make studying fun for them.

2. The “I’m going to eat better” resolution

This one partly depends on parents, especially for younger children. Rather than taking decisions for them, let children give ideas on how they think they can eat better. They might just come up with solutions like eating fewer candies and junk food, not skipping out on meals etc.

3. The “I shall help with the chores” resolution

Doing chores teaches discipline. Children learn responsibility and independence through simple tasks like cleaning the shelves, doing the dishes or feeding the house pet. Help them come up with fun resolutions around this concept and always remember to make these chores fun, so that they continue doing them even months after January.

4. The “I’m going to be kind and helpful” resolution

Empathy is an emotion that is very important in everyday life. It helps stay connected to people and situations around us. This is so even in the case of children. Children need to be taught how to empathize with people through simple acts of kindness. You could have them take part in one of the community activities, take them along for charity events etc. Everyday things like helping grandma with a task, teaching dad how to use a function on his smartphone or helping mom with something in the kitchen are also some things that will help your child understand kindness and its importance.

5. The “I’m going learn something new” resolution

Being open to learning new skills is another important life skill. It helps children build the right kind of personality. There are tons of skills that children can try out at this stage which can go on to shape their life choices, even careers. Get them to try out new things like playing an instrument, learning how to bake, reading, swimming or painting.
Remember, resolutions are all about fun, so whatever you help your child choose, add some excitement to the task so that your child has a memorable time and wants to do this every year. Birla Open Minds is considered one of the best international schools in Hyderabad because we believe in this tradition of letting a child grow to his fullest potential. It could become a family tradition, an opportunity for your family to bond, so good luck and happy resolution making!

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