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We provide safe and secure transport facilities. The bus service is available for around 30kms from the school location and is fully air-conditioned. GPS facilities are installed in all vehicles to ensure safe transportation. The students are under the supervision of an attendant throughout the journey for both picking and dropping.

Our drivers are well trained and understand the challenges of having children on board.


We provide nutritious vegetarian homely food comprising of both South Indian and North Indian cuisines. Dining of student is always under the supervision of a teacher. The diet plans and meals are guided by a nutritionist while keeping up with the mother’s trust about the child’s health. A complete meal comprising from a salad to the dessert is provided.

Breakfast Menu

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Housed in a four-storied building on an eight-acre plot near the heart of the IT hub of Hyderabad city in Gachibowli, the school has a total built-up area of 150,000 sq ft. It is a sprawling campus with more greenery than the built up area, which makes everyone feel at peace. A perfect place for students to feel one with the nature, as learning happens not only in the classrooms, but anywhere in the campus where the students feel comfortable and are open to learning.

The DSR Society believes that true learning takes place in a suitably structured and engaging environment. This is the reason behind offering the student community with the best possible educational infrastructure - spacious classrooms, state-of-the-art computer, languages, science and math laboratories along with art, music and dance rehearsal labs, integrated labs, school library and an infirmary. There is a well equipped dining area, which is maintained hygienically. There are strategically located open spaces designed to be the globe area, amphitheater and outdoor stages to house in all the celebrations. The centre-stage – Proscenium, wears a festive look and is the best central stage for the annual events.

Elaborate sports facilities are provided including indoor and outdoor multi-sports complexes, football ground, basket-ball, tennis, and badminton courts as well as a skating rink among others.

The school's USP however is its certifications in the globally recognized and platinum-rated Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), which makes it mandatory for the school to address issues of best possible utility and low operational costs, energy and water efficiency as well as and health and safety of its occupants.

Open Minds, Hyderabad is also setting a benchmark by implementing the pioneering Passive Draft Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) technology of Infra Cooling Systems to ensure that the school has healthy and hygienic air circulating in the classrooms to maintain a comfortable temperature and ensure maximum comfort for the students in contrast to the conventional air conditioning.


Enormous sports facilities is the highlight of the Open Minds infrastructure. With a basketball ground, football ground, tennis courts and badminton courts among many more, our students are given the opportunity to expose themselves to every sport. The spacious and well-built grounds are sturdy and safe.


The amphitheatre in Open Minds is one-of-its-kind. It is the cultural spot for the showcase of talents in the school. Made to create the perfect environment for social and cultural events, it is the perfect space for all extra-curricular activities.


We have an in-house infirmary where the children are taken care of when needed. We have a 2 bed facility with an in-house nurse on duty at all times. Initial first aid and medication is taken care of with parents’ consent when necessary.

We also have regular health check up drives that are done every year. Eye and Dental check up with a general health check up is done for all students.

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