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Elevated Minds

Education must bring out the best that is latent in an individual. The Birla School (Hyderabad)-Open Minds, in this endeavour, goes beyond the minimum regular curricula prescribed by state, national, and international boards.

The so called subjects of knowledge are heavily inter-linked and in many ways overlap. Somebody good at mathematics is likely to be good at finance, accounts, coding, or say logistics. What may seem peripheral may help build a core area. Playing instruments may trigger curiosity in the phenomenon of sound. Building expertise in one area brings comfort in many similar areas.

We human beings innately are multi-dimensional. As everything else in nature we are more flexible in our nascent stages. As we age we become stressed and rigid and in the process become less aware of our original self. Creativity is divinity, and, is discovered easier in children than in adults. The ‘Elevate’ program allows children an opportunity to discover and be themselves. It allows teachers to identify and groom talents that would have withered away otherwise.

Open Minds makes the fundamental shift from shaping students to curricula to shaping curricula to students. The elevate program discovers the child’s potential and passions and aligns them to societal requirements. Best School in Hyderabad offers Visual arts, theatre, dance, music, language enrichment, analytical and scientific explorations, health and nutrition, edutainment are some of the options children may fancy to experiment and innovate. Children are elevated creatively, artistically, and cognitively for their life. We are very likely to see a select few who go beyond mundane earning and living.

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