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Changing How We Teach

Changing How We Teach

Teachers play a prominent role in shaping a child's life. Classroom management goes beyond imparting lessons and inculcating good manners and values in students. Students are encouraged to display good behaviour such as raising hands to ask a question, learning through fun and discipline, explaining limits and rules etc. These are a few ways of efficient classroom management.

To ensure that every student learns effectively at Open Minds, every teacher is trained effectively to educate our students. We believe that every student has a different approach to learning and grasping.

The School is constantly innovating through better learning initiatives by training teachers. To initiate such efforts, many training sessions are conducted by Open Minds. On 30th and 31st of May, the topic on 'Capacity Building Program in Classroom Management' was conducted by Ms.Vandana Vishnu and Ms. Lizzey Bendid. The Section Officer, CBSE, Mr.J. Sunil Kumar chaired the event. The teachers were benefited by understanding the tips and tricks of making a classroom environment more fun, productive and engaging.

A case study was created, whereby solutions were demonstrated in the form of a skit. Our School ensures that teachers and students are always at the forefront of creative and informative learning methodologies.

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