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“A man without education is like a building without foundation.”

Education holds the power to change the world through knowledge. It helps people build opinions about things around them and come up with ideas on making those things better. Simply gaining knowledge is, however, redundant if you do not have the power of understanding and interpreting it the right way. This is why having a good education base is a must, which comes from being admitted into one of the best schools in the city or even country.
How can you choose the top school for your child from amongst the several lists of ‘Best International School in Hyderabad’ on Google? The answer to this is simple – choose a school that pertains to international standards, has a unique curriculum, and readies your child to face the competition in a global setting. When you break it down like this, Birla Open Minds International School tops the list. With classes from pre-school through grades 11th & 12th the school offers both CBSE and Cambridge curriculum to choose from. The school offers a progressive and world-class academic experience based on the best global practices that suit the unique needs of every child which is one of the many reasons why it is of no surprise that it is the best CBSE School in Hyderabad.

Is the Cambridge Curriculum something new for you? Here’s a small breakdown of what it actually is: The Cambridge Assessment International Education, or simply Cambridge International, is a unique UK government endorsed program provided to thousands of schools around the world. Acknowledged for its high academic standards and its well-rounded approach to education, the curriculum provides students with transferability and the opportunity to gain access to reputable universities, worldwide. It is a known fact that students from the Cambridge Curriculum have been accepted to prestigious universities around the world.
The senior secondary level at Open Minds is one of the best in the city. For grades 11th & 12th, the school offers three streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities. After intensive research, the school has come up with various combinations of subjects in all the three streams. We are also tying up with universities across the world. The school holds an ‘Internship Programme’ that gives our students work experience, which can become a part of their portfolio too. All this is just one of the many reasons the school is the best CBSE School in Hyderabad for 11th and 12th.

We rank #5 in Hyderabad according to Times Of India School Rankings in 2018. According to the Education World Top Schools Survey, Birla Open Minds has been ranked #6 not just in Hyderabad but also in the entire state of Telangana. It has been given the rank of #27 in India, according to the 2018-2019 review, making us the best international school in Hyderabad.
Our preschools rank #1 in Hyderabad and Telangana State according to Education Today Rankings 2018. We have ranked #2 in Jubilee Hills and #4 in Gachibowli for the year 2017-2018, marking us the best preschool in Hyderabad.

Classroom studies isn’t the only thing we focus on at Birla Open Minds. We understand talent and we realise that every child needs to be nurtured at his/her budding stage, to motivate them to embrace their passions. For this very reason we encourage and organise all kinds of scholastics and co-scholastics events like:

  • Literary Fest
  • Math-A-Ron
  • Eureka
  • Aurora
Along with this, the school also holds celebratory events for certain festivals and other days of relevance, a sports day and other cultural events. These happenings help children learn everything about teamwork, responsibility, meeting deadlines and teaches them the importance of determination and focus for attaining success.
There you have it, here are some reasons why Birla Open Minds shines out from the rest and why we feel it is not just the best school in Gachibowli, but the best international school in Hyderabad. Pick the finest school for your child and pave way for his success.

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