Meet Us


Open Minds – School Parent Involvement Committee is the strong parent community of our school. Every grade is represented by one parent who is selected to be a part of the committee with parents, teachers and management representatives as the stakeholders. This committee meets through the year to discuss all the matters pertaining to the school and students.


The Student Committee is the Student Leadership Body that is elected every year. Being the first event of every year, the senior students nominate themselves for the various posts in the STUCO, and then campaign with full conviction to strengthen their candidature.There is an Election Day when all the students and staff follow the regular ballot election procedure to elect their student committee.


At Open Minds, Learning is a celebration. Each facet of learning is celebrated in its true sense. The culmination of learning and appreciating the true essence of learning is done at different filler weeks that are celebrated.We celebrate all filler weeks in full fervor where the campus transforms into different zones where the parents and children can challenge their prowess and enrich their experience at different stalls and shows put up by the students.


Mamta Nalla Reddy (Mother of Aditi – Grade 3)

My child, Aditi Nalla Reddy, has been with Open Minds since grade 1. She is 8 now and has a unique personality which encompasses intelligence, wit, compassion and most importantly values towards family, the environment and country. I'm really proud of the little person she is and will grow up to be. Open Minds' systemic approach towards an open and continuously evolving curriculum and teaching agenda has to be applauded. I see an effort being put to consider and implement  constructive feedback all the time. Everyday is an eventful day at Open Minds.